Yeo Woo Yee


Singapore Technologies Kinetics

Universal HUMS Enterprise Solution


  • Challenges of Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) implementation
  • Universal HUMS for data harvesting
  • Hyper-Domain Data Analytics Soutions (HDDAS) for Big Data analytics


Permanently installed multi-function Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) are common for critical assets’ operators to reduce maintenance costs and prevent unplanned downtime. Ideally, HUMS is to provide early warnings at the first sign of problems, but is highly challenging given the Big Data from the critical assets that usually comprises numerous subsystems and tiny components. This presentation will explain the significance of a Universal HUMS Enterprise Solution in providing an accurate early warning safety and maintenance system. This solution also provides the assets’ operation overview and facilitates the condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance regime. It comprises Universal HUMS and Hyper-Domain Data Analytics Solutions (HDDAS).

Universal HUMS with use of open architecture platform is highly proficient in instrumentation adaptability. It can acquire multi-domain data with industrial I/O open connectivity and support of large variety of industrial transducers. With correlation and modeling of multi-domain data source, HDDAS can provide an agnostic insights on the affect of any arbitrary operational conditions on the reliability of the critical assets in real-time. With this solution, we can provide an actionable insight to facilitate critical assets’ maintenance regime and life cycle extension.


Yeo Woo Yee is Vice President, DY GM SDDA at Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd. In this role he is responsible for the management of a Business Center in ST Kinetics. Yee focusses on the design, development and deployment of large-scale monitoring, measurement and control systems to both defense and commercial customers in the areas of radio communications management solutions, large-scale distributed management solutions, intelligence analytics solutions, critical assets condition monitoring solutions, data analytics solutions and industrial cyber security solutions.

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