Programme for Thursday, 5 October 2017

09:00 | New concepts for train tracking (1)

Digitalisation and automation in railway infrastructure – are innovation areas really changing?


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Intelligent auto block signalling in Indian railways

Giri Pentakota | Alstom Transportation India Pvt Ltd | IN

  • Development of this system will improve operational capability and reliability of block section signalling when compared to most of the conventional Intermediate Block Signalling (IBS) systems
  • IABS system is the integration of wheel detection, Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and train identification system (which scan the train number)



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Coffee break

11:00 | New concepts for train tracking (2)

Combined Positioning Alternative Signalling System (COMPASS)

Howell Jordan | Altran UK Limited | UK

  • How could Altran’s high integrity agile approach enable the development of COMPASS into a Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) system
  • How could Altran’s expertise with the specification, development and delivery of safety critical systems be combined with a range of technologies from industry leaders

Alternative and innovative approach for train tracking technology


  • New and innovative approach with significant findings, highlighting the potential for introducing alternative methods to train positioning
  • Reduction of trackside location correction balises, leading to huge reduction in maintenance activity and provide more flexibility in future track design
  • Sensor fusion algorithm and intelligent sensor selection methodology
  • Similar techniques for software based train control as for aviation, satellite, submarine and other navigation systems

A novel fibre optic sensing system for weighing in motion and wheel flat detection

Antonio Iele | University of Sannio | IT

  • Recent efforts to implement a novel fibre optic sensing system for weighing in motion, wheel flat detection, and train tracking in railways assets
  • The capability of FBG sensor with regard to train tracking and counting axles
  • Main features of the developed system, with the results obtained in real scenarios

12:30 | Networking lunch

14:00 | Innovations with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (1)



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Fibre Optic Sensing – game changer in maintenance and operation

Max Schubert | DB Netz AG | DE

  • Development of Fibre Optic Sensing (FOS) in railways since first test in 2012
  • Test of several applications and proof of usage in live operation – focus on train tracking and security
  • FOS is just about to get a substitute for different techniques and will soon add new features to the operation and maintenance process

FOAD technology in North American railroads

Matthew Holcomb | Transportation Technolgy Center Inc. (TTCI) | US

Kane Sutton | Transportation Technology Center Inc. (TTCI) | US

  • Fibre Optic Acoustic Detection (FOAD) in the North American freight railroad industry
  • Identification of FOAD technology applications of the railroads as well as guide future application development strategies
  • Development of a draft FOAD fibre cable installation guideline document as well as a FOAD Interface Control Document (ICD)

Coffee break

16:00 | Innovations with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (2)

Localisation of short circuits in the overhead contact line network of ÖBB using optical fibres

Klaus Leithner | ÖBB Infrastruktur AG | AT

  • No accurate detection of the location of the short circuit with conventional technologies
  • Research on short circuit localisation using an optical fibre installed parallel to the line
  • Initial results show that short circuits can be localized accurately to 10 m



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Distributed Acoustic Sensing: Visions and benefits in the railway

Michael Thiel | Frauscher Sensor Technology | AT

  • Status quo of DAS capabilities
  • Lessons learnt from 10 installations around the globe
  • Approaches how to harness this promising technology for specific railway applications

19:00 | Wheel Detection TALK & Networking dinner