Programme for Friday, 6 October 2017

09:00 | Best practices in wheel detection and axle counting (1)

Wheel sensors used in train detector systems

Martin Novak | Prosoft Süd Consulting GmbH | AT

  • Train detector systems are used to identify trains and wagons at specific locations within a railway network
  • Information based on wheel sensor signals are used to accurately allocate information delivered by RFID (identification of wagons) and/or WTMS equipment
  • Benefits of using a wheel sensor within train detector systems output, examples and experiences

Integrating wheel sensors into laser based wayside monitoring systems

Denis D’Aoust | Wayside Inspection Devices Inc. (WID) | US

  • Usage of wheel sensors as a key component of the TBOGI system
  • BOGI-HD, a laser based wayside monitoring system

Wheel detection by radar for mobile track warning systems

Roger Kessler | Schweizer Electronic AG | CH

  • RSK-R: a mobile train detector
  • RSK-R detects wheels with radar technology
  • Combination of various techniques of signal processing

Coffee break

11:00 | Best practices in wheel detection and axle counting (2)

Application of wheel sensor technology on railway network in Serbia

Tatjana Simic | TAK&TRACK | RS

  • Present technologies applied on railway network in Serbia
  • Different technical solutions from suppliers of wheel sensor/axle counter equipment
  • Proposed modifications for application of these systems

Houston Metro uses highly reliable axle counters for increased efficiency and punctuality

Robert E. Burkhardt | Innovative Solutions in Signaling, LLC | US

  • The Houston METRO Phase II project
  • System elements: Train control, communications systems, overhead catenary, traction power
  • Axle counter solution for vital signaling in interlocking and grade crossings as well as non-vital applications for train tracking and location

The evolution of level crossing control systems

Stewart Rendell | John Holland Rail | AU
Neil Popplewell | RCS Australia Rail Control Systems | AU

  • New level crossing concept to increase safety, reliability and cost effectiveness of level crossing control throughout Australia
  • Intelligent level crossing solution using a CENELEC SIL 4 HIMA F35 PLC and the Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC
  • Maximum flexibility in architecture and the use of the Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE software protocol, including hardwired as well as Wi-Fi strike in points

12:30 | Networking lunch