Save the date: 5-7 June 2019 - 5th Wheel Detection Forum in Vienna, Austria

The future of train tracking

Wheel Detection Forum 2017 was a great success and set new standards

More than 260 industry experts from 36 countries participated in Wheel Detection Forum 2017 to discuss visions and trends on the future of train tracking. 27 high-class speakers shared their inspiring ideas and thoughts – and they provided valuable insights on current developments on state-of-the-art solutions based on wheel detection, axle counting and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), as well as further tracking technologies.

If you weren’t there you really missed out on something good! Get an impression of Wheel Detection Forum 2017 in our review section, where you can also find a comprehensive picture gallery.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 5th Wheel Detection Forum, which will take place from 5 to 7 June 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

Participants’ Statements

Yugo Nomura

Rumo (ALL), Brazil

“The Wheel Detection Forum is one of the best opportunities for sharing information about the rail industry, for networking and to keep up to date with information regarding train detection and train tracking and everything related to this new technology.”

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Robert Burkhardt

Innovative Solutions in Signaling, United States

“I am very pleased to be here in Vienna at the Wheel Detection Forum, which is proving to be very interesting. The topics, the speakers – all are characterized by high quality. I am learning a lot about technologies that we do not see deployed in the United States – but I am sure we’ll see them deployed in that country in the near future. Also, Vienna is a very welcoming place and I am looking forward to hearing more debates and more of the speakers and to enjoying my time in this beautiful city.”

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Akimasa Okada

East Japan Railway Company, Japan

“The Wheel Detection Forum is an ideal opportunity to connect with each other and to get updated about latest state of the art technologies. I am pleased to join this forum, thank you!”

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Marc Antoni

UIC, France

“The Wheel Detection Forum is a real interesting and very nice meeting, where we all have the possibility to see the different point of views from the industry, from railways from Germany, France, Singapore and more. I think it is always a good thing when the railway industry is sharing, opening and connecting. And that is also what we at UIC are trying to do regarding new train detection systems. We can see different suppliers making the same thing but having a different point of view. It is really interesting to see that different suppliers have solutions going in the same direction. [...]”

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Matthew Holcomb

TTCI Inc., United States

“[...] It is my honor that I am here as a speaker this year. The memorable experiences have been awesome so far, it has been fantastic and great to be able to speak to people from the railway industry from North America but also from all over the world. I’m really grateful to be invited.”

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Romesh Srinivasan

K.L. Consult Associates SDN. BHD., Malaysia

“This is my first time at the Wheel Detection Forum, where obviously many speakers are looking at technological advancements as well as on changes that happen very rapidly within the system. There are many innovative products and a lot of information coming to the markets in the fields of reliability, safety and today we look forward to more and more artificial intelligence as we go into the fourth industrial revolution from the days of steam and water power. Obviously these are the highlights and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for us in taking these innovations forward for all of us in the rail industry as a whole. [...]”

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Yeo Woo Yee

Singapore Technologies Kinetics, Singapore

“I am here to this forum actually to get to know the technology of Frauscher even better – especially the fibre optic products. Personally, a main highlight for me is the chance of meeting international railway experts with whom I can share ideas and to learn to understand their ideas.”

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Mike Greenan

Altran, United Kingdom

“[...] I am really enjoying the forum and I’m learning quite a lot I think from listening to the talks. I’m particularly interested in the advances that are being made in wheel detection and sensor technology. I have been interested to learn about what advancements are happening in the railway sector regarding the Internet of Things, and also similarly Data Analytics. So there have been some great talks so far, but also I think it has been a well organised event because one presentation follows logically from the previous one. [...]”

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Cecile Geron

SNCF, France

“This seminar was really interesting and the various presentations were of excellent quality, it is based essentially on axle counting but it covers a much wider field therefore it helps to prepare the technical strategy for infrastructure managers, in particular with the ERTMS system, CBTC for the metros, and so on. So really a very good level and quality of presentations, and then all the logistics were excellent. So I was very pleased to be here for the first time at this WDF. It also gave me the opportunity to meet other people, to exchange experiences, notably as an infrastructure manager, to see the benefits and the disadvantages of each product in terms of implementation or maintenance.”

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Denis D’Aoust

Wayside Inspection Devices Inc., United States

“First of all the conference itself is very well organized. As a speaker I also noticed that all the preliminary work that has been done was impressively well done. And the preparation to everything about it is very well organized, too. The venue itself is very nice. It is my first time in Vienna. It is a beautiful city – and I wish I had come here earlier to enjoy more of it. The talks have been very interesting as well – I am more used to US or Canadian conferences as I come from Canada. Here we have a greater diversity of the speakers, because they come from different countries and different environments – so for it was very interesting and I really enjoyed it and hopefully I’ll be able to come to another one.”

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