Hannes Stefko



Cognitive pattern computing in big data

Hannest Stefko is one of our keynote speakers on Wednesday, who will present current trends and visions.


In almost each company, the amount of generated data is increasing more and more. There is a strong demand to make as much of this data available for business teams and their needs. Powerful computer systems enable strong analyses on huge sets of data in a short time. That helps business departments to process data in a right way. Nevertheless the power of IT virtualisation and the usage of IT clouds accelerate the increase in amount of data even more. Cross analyses of data with support of machine learning and predictive computing help analytic teams to correctly understand and interpret the vast amount of data.

Thousands of sensors and control devices collect tons of data in railway business every day. This data for sure is kind of a treasure for every single railway company. There is a big need to making advantage of this treasure properly in order to accurately interpret the meaning of data and prepare it for the railway company. IBM Watson Data and Analytics Platform is an excellent base to make this happen. It enriches all collected data and fits them to the needs of railway businesses. The special advantages of the IBM Watson Data and Analytics Platform for the railway industry will be presented based on some exemplary railway use cases – e.g. the analysis of the stresses on a coach’s chassis at a certain point on the track.


Since 2012 Hannes Stefko is CTO at IBM Austria. One of his key roles there is to introduce new, cutting edge IT technologies that are leading to innovative projects. Before joining IBM he has been working in mechatronics development for automotive and aerospace industries worldwide. At large automotive OEMs in Germany, Japan and USA he has led innovation projects; he also spent three years in a strategic joint development between IBM and a Japanese automotive OEM. Prior to this he has been involved in advancing new IT technologies for mechatronics development at two leading US aerospace companies. Till 2003 Hannes Stefko spent five years in engine and chassis development at two formula 1 racing teams.

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