Akimasa Okada


East Japan Railway Company

Trial towards simple and informative wayside equipment in East Japan Railway


  • Expectations to DAS
  • Informative one optic fibre cable: Experiences toward train detection and disaster prevention
  • Future prospects of research regarding DAS


Introduction to expectations of the DAS system and the latest research. JRE are developing the applications with the expectation that the DAS can be a simple and informative wayside equipment. The detection of natural phenomena is already effective and we examined the method of train detection for safety application. Although the research phase is preliminary, we confirm that the DAS system can change wayside equipment dramatically.


Akimasa Okada has received his Master’s degree and PhD from the University of Tokyo in 2006 and 2016, respectively. Since 2006, he has been an engineer for signalling systems with East Japan Railway Company. His research interests are train detection, safety analysis, formal verification and two-dimensional communication.

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